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Sometimes a good cock tease is all you really need – and if you agree and love a good sweet tease from a beautiful woman, then check out this limited time discount to Only Tease. If you believe that sometimes less is more – even in the scheme of porn, then you will love the premise of Only Tease. This site is all about restoring that delightful sense of “mystery” that is usually nowhere to be found in an Internet world of gonzo close ups and constant cumshots. What ever happened to looking and lusting – and wondering what she’s wearing underneath? Well, that’s what Only Tease can do for you!


Only Tease Discount


While we are by no means complaining about seeing a beautiful woman’s spread pussy or hardcore action, well, sometimes you need to recharge your batteries and bring back the anticipation, right? And if you have felt a little burnt out by the same tired looking porn actresses who seem miles away even when so exposed on screen, the sweetness of Only Tease will more than get your motor going.

As such, you will not find any nudity at all on Yes, there are swimsuits and lingerie shoots – but no peaking otherwise. Can you handle that? If so, you will definitely be in the digital company of some of the most gorgeous women around, as Only Tease does an amazing job at its softcore ‘glamcore’ content, all the while never crossing that line between teasing and peeping. In a way, Only Tease reminds us of the days of classic pinups. Besides swimsuits and lingerie, you’ll see beautiful ladies in their pencil skirts and tight sweaters, or dresses– it’s like you get to look at the kinds of things you might see every day but can’t really “look” at without worrying about getting caught or being called a creeper. These babes are here for you to admire as much and as often as you wish, no judgment!

And as long as you are 100% ok with no nudity, then you will be delighted with the thousands of top-quality pictures and videos of beautiful women in their sexy dresses, uniforms, stockings, socks, pantyhose, swimwear, and sometimes even lingerie. Think of Only Tease as modern day ‘cheesecake’ or pinup – because on here only the loveliest ladies are chosen as models—we are talking perfect 10s and above! Only Tease has gorgeous blondes, brunettes, and gingers – as well as petite babes, tall babes, and both slender or voluptuous body types. Whoever your ‘dream girl’ is, she’s here ready to tease you, and you will definitely find her in this vast digital archive. There are currently around 890 of the most beautiful women from all over the world ‘teasing’ on Only Tease, and each lady has her own profile page with stats and links to her content.

Speaking of which, Only Tease has over a million pictures and thousands of videos – so you will never run out of hot content! And it gets better: when you take advantage of this discount to Only Tease, you get access to several bonus sites. So if you need some sweetness in your life, check out Only Tease – and make things even sweeter with this discount on membership.

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